4 Reasons To Give Mom the Gift of Massage

The countdown has begun. Walk into any grocery store or drugstore this week and you’ll likely find the greeting card aisle teeming with searching, slightly frantic, slightly sweating sons, daughters, and spouses. You join the well-meaning ranks and search for a card that will make Mom smile, feel appreciated and promptly reappoint you as Mama’s Favorite. However, with dismay, you realize that you’re a smidgen too late, as your choices come down to a cartoon cutout, a musical card that blares old nostalgic music with tinny persistence or, heaven forbid, a card that jauntily compares Mom’s hairdo to that of a certain presidential candidate. 

Mother’s Day can be a tricky holiday to maneuver. In one day we try to sum up our feelings of gratitude, love and appreciation. We usually end up turning to the very LAST place anyone should go while in turmoil about how to express love: the mall. We somehow hope to find a scarf that proclaims, “thank you for taking care of me through two consecutive bouts of pneumonia,” or a bottle of perfume that wafts a scent of “I hope I can be half as wonderful as you someday.” Perhaps a pair of earrings that murmur, “please don’t ask me about my dating life/job situation/apartment security features/holey socks,” will do the trick this year? Perhaps not.

Last May, Newsday posted an ebates.com survey reporting on what moms actually want for Mother’s Day. While 31% would NOT like perfume, and 40% would NOT like a cookbook, a full 60% have “quality family time” as their list topper. Not far behind, 44% put “spa day” on their short list. Combining these two top gift wishes with mother-daughter massages at Elements Massage™ is a win-win idea, and here’s why:

  • Whether Mom is as healthy as she was decades ago, or has started experiencing some health problems, massage is a therapeutic, soothing, immunity-boosting experience for all. Everyone can benefit from having increased circulation and muscle relaxation.

  • If your mom or daughter does not regularly receive massage, this is a great way to introduce her to the many life-enhancing benefits it offers.

  • Starting or ending your day together with an invigorating experience that raises your “feel-good” hormones will enhance your Mother’s Day experience all the more. Besides, won’t it feel great to bypass other, less-relaxing holiday traditions in favor of something so healing and peaceful?

  • Frankly, Mom deserves a little pampering. Treating her well while also improving her health?  Doesn’t get much better!

By giving your mother or daughter a massage at Elements (and getting one yourself at the same time), you’re setting a powerful example of health. By prioritizing your own wellness, and allowing her to enjoy the benefits as well, you’re starting a truly wonderful family tradition. An entire legacy of wellness can be born with one or two smart choices. Start yours this May with introducing this very important aspect of good health. Years from now, when Mom and daughter are still enjoying Mother’s Day massages together, you’ll be so glad you did.

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