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For many people, the highlight of their year is the summer vacation. Spending much needed time with loved ones and visiting places that get crossed off bucket lists. Whether you’re sitting on a beach, on an adventure or unplugged in some far off place — it should be the most relaxing, stress free time of the year. 

Unfortunately, there can be a ton of stress involved with vacations. There’s the planning, the packing, making sure the world does not end at work while you are gone — there’s a lot that goes into taking a vacation. While you are on vacation, there can be the stress as well. You must make sure you do everything, and try endlessly to please everyone in your party. If you have kids, keeping track of their whereabouts is a chore that a vacation should never have. When you think about it, a stress free vacation doesn’t seem very realistic at all. In fact, the phrase “I need a vacation from my vacation” is often a reality. If this is the case for you, take these few steps to help you enjoy your vacation. 

Take a Minute and Breathe 

The key is to slow down. You’re on vacation, just slow down and take a breath. You’ve waited months for this moment. Be in the now, take in the scenery around you and just relax. Anytime you feel yourself itching to reach for the to-do list, check yourself and take a big deep breathe. 

Plan to Do Nothing

Rather than think about the “should dos” and “must dos” think about doing nothing. You are on vacation after all don’t get stressed. Doing nothing is what you wish you were doing at home, so make it a reality and an important aspect to your vacation. 

Do what You Love to Do 

It is your vacation. You should take some time to do what you want to do. Doing nothing is necessary, but eventually you may get the itch to get out and get after it. When that itch shows up, scratch if off with an activity you love to do or a place you have always wanted to see. Think about what refreshes you, what do you like to do. Each person on your vacation should be doing something that they love. This satisfaction will help relieve stress. 

Get a Massage 

Massage is a great relaxer. Whether you get one before you go to reward yourself for planning and preparing, or you get one once you arrive at your vacation spot. Nothing completely relaxes your mind and body like a massage. 

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