5 Ways to Celebrate and Honor Your Mom this Mother’s Day

From, what seems like, the beginning of time, mothers were honored for all they do. In some cultures, it was one day a year and some, more often. Of course, we know every day should be set aside to honor mothers, but the modern era Mother’s Day was created by Anna Marie Jarvis in the early 1900’s. Anna Marie saw her mother tending to the wounded during the civil war and wanted to pay tribute. In 1910, West Virginia became the first state to observe the second Sunday of May as Mother’s Day and in 1914, President Wilson made the second Sunday an official holiday.

Mothers, and those who care for and nurture others, deserve a day for us to pause and turn those tables to take care of them. How can we care and show love for the mothers in our lives?

  1. Write a personal note

    Card companies may not like it, but mothers love a handwritten or hand-drawn note of love and appreciation. Why not do something fun this year and make a collage of memories for Mom. Add a pressed flower or press your painted hand onto paper to show her that you have grown as much as your love for her.

  2. Bring Mom a living plant

    A plant or flowers that can be planted in the garden or in a pot can be a constant reminder of your love in bloom.

  3. Invite mom out for brunch

    Get Mom out of her own house, where she will surely want to help cook and clean up and pamper her with her favorite foods. Who doesn’t love a great brunch? Whether you make a great spread at your place or take her out to a wonderful restaurant, she will get to spend time with you without lifting a finger to prepare or clean.

  4. Enjoy a picnic

    If the weather is nice, everyone loves a great picnic. Be sure to think of all the details Mom would think of: a pretty blanket, a couple comfy pillows, your portable Bluetooth speaker with mom’s favorite tunes and all of her favorite picnic foods. If the weather is too cold, plan a fun picnic in the living room or other space you can transform into a magical spot.

  5. Treat Mom to a fabulous Elements Massage® Gift Card

    With our new AromaRitual™, you can give mom a special aromatic escape. Not only will Mom be pampered with one of our wonderful therapeutic massage treatments, but she can select one of our new Shankara essences: CALM, REFRESH, and ENERGIZE to enhance the experience. This will surely secure your spot as Mom’s favorite!


However you choose to celebrate and honor your mother, we know it will be a day filled with wonderful memories to last a lifetime. Buy Mom a gift card today or call a studio near you to schedule a Mother-Daughter massage.

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