Active Business Owner Turns to Elements Massage for Pain Relief, Relaxation

As a highly active business owner, Diana Dannelly lives an always on-the-go type of lifestyle. She doesn’t have time to deal with the knots and stiffness that can occupy her body due to the side effects from a regular medicine that she needs to take.  To manage the severe pain that she can experience from the buildup of muscle knots, Diana turns to regular monthly massages at Elements San Mateo.

“Because I work at a desk and take a medication that causes muscle stiffness as its main side effect I need massages often just to feel normal,” explains Diana. “Even though I am young and fit, I get so sore so easily and spa and chiropractic massages are too pricy to go as often as I need to.”

Diana has been a member at the Elements San Mateo studio since it opened a little over a year ago. She appreciates the consistency and affordability of the Elements membership program, and she has been happy with the experienced and professional therapists that she has received massages from at the San Mateo studio. She often upgrades to do an additional 30 minutes during her monthly sessions so that her therapist can spend a little extra time unlocking her tight knots and loosening her stressed out muscles. 

“Sometimes I am in so much pain that it hurts to lift an arm or turn my head,” explains Diana. “My favorite part of the massage is when the therapist is working out the knots because even though it’s painful, it’s a good pain because I know I will feel so much better as soon as I wake up the next day.”

Diana knows when she’s receiving a great massage from an experienced therapist when the therapist spends the time during her session targeting her specific painful areas, rather than giving her a bubble gum massage all over body. Diana has received massages from other massage studios in the industry, that have membership programs similar to Elements, but she has consistently been disappointed by the level of expertise of their therapists, says Diana. The Elements way of providing the best custom therapeutic massage, that address the specific needs of each client, is what has kept Diana a satisfied client. Diana continues to rely on the therapists at the Elements San Mateo studio to help manage her muscle pain.

“I’ve tried several therapists at Elements and they all work on my specific problem areas,” explains Diana. “I love Elements because every massage is custom tailored.”

Although pain relief is the primary reason that Diana seeks out regular massage, she also enjoys the relaxation aspect of her massages too. Since she often doesn’t get much down time as a business owner who runs a high-energy business, being able to totally relax and unwind her body and mind during a massage is priceless.

“As a business owner, I am super high energy and very social all day,” says Diana. “It’s nice to wind down on the table and have all of your thoughts just drift away.”

“Massage is such an important part of my life that I couldn’t function without it,” concludes Diana. 

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