Am I Supposed to Tip After a Massage?

Colleen O.
Factors Louisville East

“Gratuities and tipping can be bewildering in any business.  Do I idea? How considerably really should I depart?  Is it insulting to the therapist?

“When our consumers request we explain to them the common tip is 15%-20% of our wander-in price, but there is no strain.  While therapists do go to faculty and are licensed professionals, tipping is very a lot a common section of the market.  Therapists at Things are paid out a qualified wage for their providers but often take pleasure in any tips that are remaining for them.”

Brian S.
Factors West Plano

“Massage remedy is a services industry just like ingesting at a restaurant, and tips are viewed as as component of our shell out just the very same as a waiter or waitress. What even further complicates tipping is that in some European nations around the world and the Significantly East, no tipping is predicted as the company service provider pays their staff at a increased rate to compensate for the lack of tipping.

“Bottom line: We hope your knowledge at Aspects is these that you would want to incorporate a gratuity for our hard operate and commitment, with no the better price tag of a session constructed in.”

Deleashia A.
Things Centennial

“Tips are really, quite considerably appreciated.  They assist out a lot and we also count on them for part of our revenue.”

Kristine D.
Factors Westford

“The shorter and uncomplicated respond to is indeed. Even so, the amount of money is normally up to the consumer.  Total, if the therapeutic massage was absolutely unsatisfactory, then tipping is not an alternative.  But please explain why the massage was not up to your requirements. Feedback — both constructive and detrimental — can definitely assist a therapist good-tune their tactics.”

Nicole T.
Aspects Acton

“You are by no implies obligated to idea. Even so, massage therapy is a support sector just like ingesting at a restaurant or acquiring your hair done. Therapeutic massage therapists do depend on recommendations to assist spend their costs.”

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