Benefits of Sports Massage for Men | Wellness News

A short time ago, massage wasn’t all that popular among men. Perhaps it was because it was only in spas that targeted women. “While the men played golf, women went for a massage.” Now, there’s been a significant change in the industry and among men. Now through the popularity of massage and more education among men, more men are seeking therapeutic massage. If you’ve thought about it, but haven’t quite pulled the trigger, there are many reasons why a massage is beneficial for men. 

Sports Massage

Whether it is for rehabilitation or to soothe nagging pains that occur after a workout or game. Sports massage is also becoming more popular among therapists. It is widely taught, and techniques can target particular muscle groups. It will relieve any muscle tensions and pain, and help increase flexibility.   

It’s a Better Way to Relax

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of stress that we all carry. However, for some reason men seem to bottle up their stress and emotions far more than women. They think “it’s not manly” to wear your emotions on your sleeve. This stress can cause health problems, lack of sleep and cause stress on family and co-workers. Men who have regular massages experience far less stress and live a much more relaxed life. They can let things go, and they get more sleep and ultimately are healthier. 

Men are More Health Conscious

Lifestyles are much healthier than what they were in the past. Men are paying much more attention to both their physical health and their mental health. Massage is the perfect way to heal both. A relaxing massage can help ease unwanted stress, help lower blood pressure, and help you avoid injury. 

Whether you are dealing with a sports injury, have general soreness from being active or you are carrying a lot of stress. A therapeutic massage can help heal your mind and body. More men are realizing the benefits and taking advantage of regular massage sessions. If you’ve been nervous about getting a massage you might be surprised at how “manly” a massage can be, your body will thank you. Your local Elements Massage™ therapist will help you target key areas that are causing you pain or discomfort. Contact your local Elements Massage™ studio to schedule an appointment. 

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