Do I Have to Get Completely Undressed for Massage Therapy?

Will S.
Factors Centennial

“No! You do not need to be entirely undressed. We say “undress to your ease and comfort degree.” Personally, as a therapist I prefer fewer clothing on my consumer as I can get the muscular tissues a tiny additional, and I can use numerous methods. If you were thoroughly clothed there would be a distinct glide and traction with the therapeutic massage. When you are on my desk, know that you will be included with a sheet and blanket at all periods apart from the area that I am doing the job on.  I want you to feel as relaxed as you can. This is your massage.”

Angel Wossum
Elements Florence

“No, you do not.  You can leave all your outfits on or undress to your consolation level.  You will always be protected up, apart from for the region I need to have to massage.  I will do my most effective to tackle the issues you arrived in for by means of your apparel but remember to realize you will get better outcomes and the strategies will truly feel much better if they are not heading by means of a layer of outfits.”

Toni M.
Components West Plano

“No, you do not. It is your desire. Even even though it is easier for the therapist to get to your muscle tissue via skin-on-skin call, it is not necessary.

“If you prefer to keep garments on, the therapist continue to has many various selections.  He or she can work via the apparel, or simply request the client if they can temporarily shift the write-up of clothing to perform skin to skin. Or  request if the client desires that particular spot to be touched.

“For case in point, if you are a feminine consumer and want key emphasis on mid-higher again and favor to leave your bra on, the therapist can ask to briefly unhook your bra to do the job on the spot you want centered on. When the therapist is done doing work on that area, the therapist must rehook your bra in advance of shifting to another region of your human body.”

Danny P.
Features Westford

“No. You can undress to your personal convenience degree. Have an understanding of that clothing this sort of as bras and t-shirts make the use of strokes tough and can go away the therapist no substitute technique other than compressions, severely limiting the usefulness. But as a therapist, we want our clientele to be at their most relaxed, and this contains their choice as to how undressed they desire to be.”

Jana S.
Elements Glendale

“You undress to your condition of consolation.  For chair therapeutic massage you continue to be clothed, but for desk it is really up to the customer.  Indeed, it is much easier when the shopper is undressed.  But it is the client’s conclusion.  A cozy consumer will take pleasure in their session a great deal additional than an awkward a single.”

Bonnie V.
Components Wilsonville

“Whilst you can disrobe to your degree of consolation for a therapeutic massage, these types of as leaving on your underwear or bra, it does normally limit what the therapist is able to do. If the bra is remaining on then shoulder obtain and again accessibility can be limited, producing sections of the back and shoulders to be skipped. If underwear is still left on than it is extra challenging to properly massage the hips, which is an space that quite a few people have difficulties with. So, you can go away on posts of outfits.  But you will probably be restricting what the therapist can do for you in those people places.”

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