Do I Have to Listen to Whale Calls or Flutes During My Massage?

Colleen O.
Components Louisville East

“The audio — no matter whether it really is flutes, whale phone calls or monks chanting (which I take place to adore) — provides one more enjoyable component to the massage.  It is really not the star of the present but can be the issue that lulls a shopper into a distinct place although on the desk, which can be the change involving an Okay massage and an great massage.”

Jessica D.
Things Timonium

“What I definitely like and uncover calming are the ocean sounds. Operating water is constantly a go-to for me individually when I experience stressed or need to have to relax.”

Cheri W.
Things Henderson/Las Vegas

“Songs can be aspect of the healing/enjoyable experience!”

Trish D.
Things West Plano

“When a new client arrives in I hold the spa audio on and sooner or later inquire if they’d be interested in listening to some thing distinctive or if they are Alright with the spa songs.  1 of my LMT mates has a seem equipment in her room — like the kinds mothers and fathers place in their baby’s home — so they can at least listen to some ocean waves during their massage.  The one factor I absolutely will not do is transform the tunes off and remain in entire silence in the course of a whole session.”

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