Do Your Hands Ever Get Tired?

Colleen O.
Elements Louisville East

“Yes, they do.  But usually after a session where I know my body mechanics are off.  Thankfully, I was taught how to properly use elbows, fists, forearms and body weight to minimize pain and potential damage to my hands. It is a constant readjustment during every session and is part of the challenge of being a good, effective therapist with an eye on a long-term career.”

Ana G.
Elements Westford

“My hands don’t get as tired as much as one might think. During my treatments I use a lot of my forearms and elbows to give my hands a rest. That avoids my hands getting tired. Also I make sure every stroke and movement comes from using my whole body. It’s kind of like when someone says, “put your back into it.” After a treatment I make sure to stretch out my hands as well as the rest of my body and keep hydrated. Self care is essential to a therapist in order to continue to treat and heal others.”

Hannah M.
Elements Westford

“My hands have never bothered me as a therapist. I am, however, going into my third trimester of pregnancy and noticing my hands are beginning to swell. Through proper massage care, rest and stretching, I plan to keep my hands strong and healthy.”

Danny P.
Elements Westford

“Yes, sometimes my hands get fatigued. But I have a regimen of stretches and strength exercises that help to promote strength, endurance and flexibility.”

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