How Can I Take Better Care of My Hands and Thumbs?

Aimee M.
Factors Whitefish Bay

“You can stretch out your hand pulling your fingers towards your wrist and force backwards as well.  Also you can massage the meatier aspect of your palm by rubbing your palm on the corner of a really hard surface like your deck or a desk.  And you can give your fingers a very little stretch by spreading your fingers as large as probable.  Maintain for a handful of seconds and release.  Repeat various occasions.”

James M.
Features Mission Viejo Gateway Center

“I change around using thumbs, knuckles, palms, and elbows for the duration of a therapeutic massage. Between massages, I stretch my fingers and wrists as a great deal as achievable.  Soaking your palms in ice h2o can also help a excellent offer, especially for folks who have arthritis.”

Tracey D.
Features West Plano

“Drink drinking water and extend each day. Hydration of the skin will come from the within.”

David M.
Features Medford

“I bought these nighttime wrist protectors that wrap your wrist and thumbs securely into place although you slumber. I use them the evening just before I have work the upcoming day.  They seem to be to enable so substantially! Biofreeze and a lot and plenty of warmth also support with wrist and thumb suffering.”

Tammy C.
Factors Medford

“Just take a hand towel and roll it slowly but surely from just one stop to the other to decompress nerves in the wrist and release rigidity in them.”

Lori W.
Components North San Antonio

“My favorite matter to do is to acquire a awesome thick system butter and put it on my arms and wrists and then dip my hands a few moments in paraffin. Wrap your arms in plastic wrap and put them in an oven mitt or towel to enable keep in the warmth. You will have to do a single hand at a time if you are on your own and really don’t have another person to enable you out. Sit down and loosen up with your ft propped up — really don’t overlook the additional pillow under your knees to get the force off your lessen back again — and enable your arms take up the lotion and the warmth.

“In about 15 minutes the wax will have cooled to home temperature.  Unfold your fingers and it will come proper off just like a glove. You can expect to have gotten two treatment options in a single — a deep moisturizing therapy and a heat treatment method.  Terrific for arthritis or just aching arms.

“If you do not have a paraffin equipment you can get heated gloves at Massage Warehouse.  They also make them for your toes.  This will be just one of your beloved issues to do for your arms (and ft).  At the very least it is mine!”

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