If I Only Make One Resolution this Year, What Should it Be?

Matt S.
Elements Westford

“To treat yourself with more kindness and respect.  To deeply realize you’re only human and make a lot of mistakes and are far from perfect. Life is meant to be experienced, not perfected!”

Maureen O.
Elements Westford

“My resolution will be to join a gym and actually commit to going! Getting in shape and building up strength will enhance my massage pressure and lengthen my career. Happy New Year!”

Sharon D.
Elements Westford

“To live in the moment and pay more attention to what’s going on around you now — not in the past, or in the future, but in the now!”

Angel W.
Elements Florence

“We all say this but it does make you think and hold yourself accountable: Set goals.  Get that massage once a month.  Eat healthier.  Actually go to the gym or use that piece of exercise equipment in your house for what it’s intended and not as a laundry hanger.  Take some courses to better your skills.

“It’s all easier said than done, but we have to commit to ourselves just as much as we want our members to commit to their massages and themselves.”

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