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As your year starts to ramp up and life gets busy, it’s a good week to check in on your New Year’s resolution. Have you started your new healthy lifestyle? Eating right? Exercising? Making healthy choices day-in and day-out? If not, now’s the time to start. If you’re looking for something that will help your mind and your body throughout your resolution, try regular massage therapy. 

Massage & Wellness

When thinking of a fitness resolution, you’ve most likely considered a workout routine and healthy eating. Massage can play an intricate part in your 2016 fitness plan. Regular massage therapy will help improve your performance, balance and help you recover faster from your workouts. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to run a marathon or relax after a long week, incorporating massage therapy will help you feel better. 

Physical Benefits 

Your cardiovascular system and your muscular system improve with the help of massage therapy. Regular massage increases your blood flow to your heart, which helps produce oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and contributes to removing toxins. Having a healthier cardiovascular system helps your muscular system. The increase in oxygen and blood flow throughout your body can relieve muscle tension, help with faster recovery and reduce any soreness. You’ll also notice more flexibility and have an increase in your range of motion. 

Psychological Benefits

Your overall health and wellness encompasses much more than your physical body. For a strong health and wellness resolution, you must think about your mind as well. So often we get caught up in life’s stresses and become filled with anxiety. Part of your health and wellness resolution should include relaxing your mind. Massage is the perfect way to help relieve stress and anxiety. Massage can increase dopamine and serotonin levels, which are directly linked to reducing stress. 

Think about the resolution you made this year and make sure that massage therapy is part of your health and wellness routine. Custom massage therapy from Elements Massage™ will help. A massage therapist will customize a massage that will fit your body. Whether it’s to heal pain, reduce stress or just to take the time to yourself, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied — that’s the Elements Promise™. Visit to find a studio near you.

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