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As the September calendar inches closer to the first day of fall, we can’t help but feel the change in the air. Your mornings are getting a little more brisk, and the sun is setting earlier and earlier. It is a sure sign — fall is fast approaching, and temperatures will begin to take a dive. Soon we’ll start to feel a few more aches and pains that come with colder weather. Use these three tips to help you feel better. 

Keep Warm 

It seems silly to have to remind yourself to stay warm, but often in the fall our bodies are confused with cool mornings, warm afternoons and chilly evenings. Make sure that you have an extra layer with you for when you feel a chill. If your body is warm, your muscles will be less likely to tense or spasm, and your bones will not ache. 

Hydrate Properly 

 Although hot weather causes a need to drink more fluids, it is also important to hydrate properly in cold weather. If your body gets dehydrated, you could experience muscle cramps and more soreness. Try to avoid over-loading on caffeine; which slows blood flow through your body and increases the chances of soreness and cramps. Warm decaffeinated drinks such as tea are good options; it will help keep your body warm and hydrated at the same time the perfect combination for fall. 

 Regular Massage 

 Therapeutic massage is a wonderful way to warm your body and help relieve any muscle or joint pain brought on by the change in the season. Regular massage helps by loosening your muscles and increasing blood flow ultimately relaxing your muscles. Ask your massage therapist about various warming massages such as a hot stone massage perfect for a chilly autumn day. 

 If you are feeling aches and pains from the change of the season, a massage therapist from Elements Massagecan help. Theyll customize a massage to concentrate on your particular pain points. Visit to find a studio near you. 


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