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With the beginning of fall sports, specifically football, concussion is a word that you’ll hear a lot. Whether it’s professional players, college, high school or even pee wee football; it’s not news that concussions have become a much more frequent subject of conversation than in the past. Although it takes time to heal concussion symptoms, massage therapy can be very beneficial to your concussion recovery. 

Less Stress 

One of the keys to helping heal a concussion is rest, not just physical, but mental rest as well. Massage therapy releases endorphins, which causes the body to relax naturally. By naturally relaxing your body, the swelling in your head will slow. This will help reduce the pressure and headaches that come with concussion symptoms. Regular massage therapy can be key to helping reduce the symptoms while healing. 


Dizziness is a very common symptom of concussion. It’s very dangerous too, as dizzy episodes can appear out of the blue. If you experience dizziness or vertigo it can be tough to live an ordinary life. You’ll find it tough to walk, sleep and drive, which leads to added stress and more tension. Massage therapy can target specific trigger points that will help relax your body and ease the dizzy spells. By remaining relaxed, you’ll have a faster recovery. 

Muscle Tension

Blunt force to the head is what causes concussions. It’s not uncommon for neck injuries, whiplash or spinal injuries to happen at the same time. If these injuries occur, then there will be added stress and muscle tension. This tension can trigger pressure in your head and make your concussion symptoms worse. Therapeutic massage can help relieve the pain from these injuries and, therefore, lead to less stress and muscle tension. 

The key to concussion recovery is relaxation. It’s best to give your mind and your body a break while recovering. If you’ve suffered from a concussion, discuss your symptoms with a massage therapist from Elements Massage™. Through custom massage therapy your body and your mind will be more relaxed, helping to ease your concussion symptoms. Contact your local Elements Massage™ studio today, visit 

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