Migleo Hand Held Massage Tool Easy Palm Fit with Massage Knobs for Gentle Pressure Point Massage

Price: $11.95 - $7.99

Use to Massage yourself or others!
This trigger point press tool can be used on yourself (Thigh, Feet, Arms, Calves, Etc.) as well as on others (Back, Neck, Hamstrings and all other hard to reach parts).  It can help to ease:
back pain
Chronic neck or hip pain
Post-workout muscle aches
Limited mobility
Tension headaches
Knotted pain
Soft tissue pain virtually anywhere on the body

Ergonomic design:
By avoiding direct use of the thumb, palm fit grip reduces repetitive stress injury to the forearms, wrists, hands, fingers and thumbs while applying deep or prolonged pressure to the muscle knots or taught bands of contracted muscle tissue.

Quick Pain Relief anytime anywhere:
This hand-held device can be carried along anywhere with an ease & can be considered as best health gift. Easy to wash and dry to keep the tool clean and sanitary.

Material: Acrylic
Size: 12.3 x 10.8 x 6.8 cm(4.85 x 4.26 x 2.68 in
Weight: 145g (5.11oz)
Ergonomic Design – Fits naturally into the palm for easier grip.
4 legs with knobs give a gentle and deep penetrating massage.
Ideal for soft tissue, trigger point and full body spa massage.
Hygienic and Washable- Can be used over clothing, directly on skin with or without oil or cream.
Comes with 12-month warranty & customer support.

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