National Entrepreneurs Day, Think About Your Health!

The connection between health, wellness, and your working life is deep. Stress from trying to achieve a usually elusive work/life balance, financial concerns, not working in a job that fulfills you… These are all aspects of our everyday lives that can affect our physical and mental health.

Tomorrow is National Entrepreneurs Day, so this is a great time to think about the benefits of becoming your own boss and the benefits of charting your own path.


Working for yourself creates personal fulfillment

At the end of a long work day, when someone else gains by your efforts, you might feel like you accomplished a lot of your to do list, but that doesn’t mean you’re feeling personally fulfilled.

The reality is that the average American works 47 hours a week, or 9.4 hours a day, according to a Gallup poll. That doesn’t include the after-work emails and other disruptions to our personal lives that come with our increasingly connected, digital environments. If you’re going to work hard, why do it for someone else? Why not do something that leaves you feeling tired but fulfilled, at the end of the day?

If you enjoy what you do and you have a passion for it, the time spent doesn’t feel like you’re losing out on something else. It feels like an achievement. And if your work happens to help others, that’s even better!


Working for yourself means flexibility

While entrepreneurs work an average of 60 hours a week, at least in startup mode, the advantage lies in the fact that they can prioritize their time and work in ways that are effective for them. How much is it worth to you to be able to take time in the middle of the day to see your child’s school concert? Probably a lot. The ability to inject some sanity in an otherwise busy schedule is what makes it all worthwhile.


Working for yourself means independence

Beyond being able to manage your time, working for yourself allows you to make decisions about your career, your business and directly influence the lives of others. There is a huge sense of accomplishment that comes from exercising control over your destiny.


Building a business from scratch is a tough proposition, which is why joining a franchise model like Elements Massage is a great opportunity. Be your own boss in an industry you can feel great about. With a low initial investment, a recurring revenue model and world-class support, Elements Massage is well-positioned in the growing health and wellness industry. You can learn more here!

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