Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair, S-Track Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair, Yoga Stretch 3D Full Body Rocking Recliner with Foot Roller Bluetooth Heat, Khaki and Brown

Price: $1,049.99

RealRelax 3D Full-Body Advanced Massage Chair: SS02 is the newest design for 2020.S-track with 4 robot-hand rollers along with full-body airbags massage system that to give you the best massage experience due to its amazing features. 

S-track robot-hand Massage System 

3D Robot Hands inside of the backrest work with S-TRACK moving from neck to waist.provide a complete massage to comfort and relax you from head to hip.Our robot-hand rollers have up to 12 different massage techniques. 

Zero Gravity with armrest-linkage system 

One-button zero-gravity design, release neck pressure and reduce heat load, bring an unprecedented massage experience. 

The armrest-linkage system can keep your arm in the armrest with airbags all the time during Zero Gravity. 

6 unique auto programs 

6 preset auto massage programs have different massage methods including the special Thai stretch massage and Chinese acupoint massage 

Full-Body Airbag system

Unique air pressure system. The shoulders, waist, arms, legs, and feet are all equipped with airbags. By inflating and deflating, provide full body massage experience, help to relax the body and relieve fatigue. 

Foot massage system

Foot roller system provides a Thai type scrapping massage, brings unprecedented comfort and enjoyment, helps relieve foot stress and improves night sleep quality. 


Equipped with heating system, to promote blood circulation and provides constant temperature to let you have a safe and comfortable heating experience. 

Rocking chair

In auto, the program chair will swing up and down very gently, like a rocking chair

Additional Features

Bluetooth music play, adjustable roller and airbag speed(hi/mid/slow),manual function,15-30mins timer


Voltage :11Real Relax FDA approved S track massage chair, 3D robots hands rollers move from neck to waist, 6 kinds of massage ways.
Rocking Massage Chair: 6 auto programs, clicking the “waist ” button, the Rocking function is on and relax your body. The timer is 15 minutes.
Massage Chair with Yoga Stretch: One-button zero gravity design, pressing the” stretch” button, experience back yoga stretching.
Full Body Air Massage: 50 airbags placed to arms, shoulder, hips, and foot.
UPS LTL Delivery, FDA approved, heating function, foot roller, airbag massage, Bluetooth music player and HI-FI speakers.

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