Should I Talk During a Massage?

Jeff W.
Elements West Chester

“As a client I find it more relaxing to engage my therapist in conversation to develop a rapport with them.  As a therapist I am 100% comfortable if my clients are talkative or silent.  I know that clients will sometimes “babble” to help themselves become less nervous and to defrag their brains if they had a stressful day or week.”

Linda L.
Elements Louisville East

“All people have different ways of relaxing.  If talking is your way of relaxing then by all means talk.  However, you should never feel like you HAVE to talk.

“A massage is therapeutic to aid you in returning to your own wellbeing, balancing out stress in your body, unwinding, returning to homeostasis — the perfect place that our body would like to be, except our environment prevents perfection.  The best we can do is strive to get as close as possible.  A massage is your time for yourself; do with it as you are comfortable.”

Jes S.
Elements Glendale

“The therapist should talk about things only related to the client’s massage. Every therapist has been through a code of ethics class and is educated in what they are allowed to share about themselves. But we can always listen.”

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