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Winter can be havoc on your skin. Two of the main reasons are that the humidity drops and the air becomes drier. Also, there are a lot of germs in the air and you’re constantly washing your hands. Unfortunately, this combination sucks a lot of nutrients out of your skin and it actually becomes dehydrated. Your skin becomes very dry, chapped, and can even crack. If this is happening to you, it’s completely normal, you just have to understand how to maintain and prepare your skin for the season. 


The main reason you have dry or cracked skin is because your skin is dehydrated. Naturally, the thinking is to hydrate by drinking water – that won’t help. You must use a moisturizer to help rehydrate and to help seal in the moisture in your skin. If you’re thinking of using it once a day and you’ll be fine, think again. Using it once will be enough for about five minutes, so don’t be shy, apply moisturizer five or six times a day. If it helps, keep several bottles of moisturizer around the house rather than just in your bathroom. Having moisturizer around will remind you to use it. 

Choosing the Right Moisturizer for Dry Skin

There are hundreds of options to choose when picking moisturizer. Experts say the two key ingredients you’ll want to look for in a moisturizer are emollients and humectants. These are the key to soothing your dry skin and sealing the cracks. Humectants attract moisture from the air to help keep your hands moist. 

Try a Humidifier 

If you constantly are suffering from dry skin, you may want to think about getting a humidifier in your home. During the winter months, run a humidifier to help keep our skin soft and hydrated. 

If you’re having issues with dry skin, natural oils along with soothing, holistic massage from Elements Massage™ will rejuvenate your body. Your skin will glow and you’ll feel completely relaxed. Contact your local Elements Massage™ studio to start revitalizing your body and mind.

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