What Are Some Ways to Reduce Stress While Driving?

Amy O.
Features Chandler/Ahwatukee

“Pay attention to soothing new music and relax your neck and shoulders.  And convert off your cell cellphone ringer to not be distracted.”

Susy N.
Components Rockville Centre

“Youngsters can be a significant resource of strain on the street, with cries of “I’m hungry!” “He’s on my facet of the seat!” and “Are we there nevertheless?” A moveable enjoyment method can hold children occupied although drivers aim. A portable amusement system also can be moved from automobile to vehicle, and it even performs in resort rooms, at tailgate functions and on camping journeys.

“Also, an in-seat therapeutic massage device can help alleviate sore muscle groups after a difficult working day at the office or at the health club.”

Diane P.
Features Rockville Centre

“When a awesome-smelling car or truck won’t make your problems go away, there are certain scents that might induce temper variations. Scents like lavender, vanilla and peppermint have been verified to be enjoyable and strain-cutting down. You must consider and glance for air fresheners with important oils.”

Tammy C.
Elements Medford

“Make sure the seat place is ergonomically suitable with proximity to steering wheel, tilt, and top to floor with your aspect controls.  Soreness from driving may possibly be linked to incorrect positioning.  Use cruise manage whenever you safely can to enable a lot more movement even though driving.

“Keep away from holding a cellular phone to your ear, as well.  This would make a mounted head posture and is unsafe.  Drivers with the cellular phone to an ear do not tend to look remaining and ideal.”

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