What Do You Do When You Need a Quick Recharge?

Steph W.
Elements Centennial

“I try to eat a healthy snack like an apple or some almonds, work out if there’s time, and definitely get a massage or chiropractic adjustment.  I also like to drink Kombucha or green tea with honey.”

Mandi P.
Elements Glendale

“I make sure I take my vitamins. Vitamin D gives me a boost and helps me feel sunnier throughout the day. A good short jog always refreshes me as well!”

Meredith M.
Elements Timonium

“Exercising and having small snacks throughout the day, like almonds and fruit, are good. Drinking plenty of water is important as well.  But sometimes you just need a cat nap!”

Sean C.
Elements Medford

“Eat a banana: instant energy!”

Connie M.
Elements Wilsonville

“My routine for a quick pick-me-up is a walk around the block on my lunch hour. It gives me fresh air, it clears my mind and gets me prepared for the rest of my shift.”

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