What Injuries Do People Most Commonly Treat with Massage?

Rhonda I.
Components Palatine

“Now that it is spring, enjoyment for superior weather conditions will encourage weekend warriors to test and jam a winter’s well worth of work out and activities in 1 weekend. The most frequent accidents we will see individuals using massage to treat will be pulled quads and hamstrings, shoulder and trapezius pulls, and stiff neck muscle mass.”

Angel W.
Aspects Florence

“Minimal-back again gluteal suffering, which usually turns out to be an very limited piriformis muscle mass messing with the sciatic nerve.  The other principal difficulty is a tight and sore neck and upper trapezius.  Equally respond very well to massage, result in get the job done and stretching.”

Jen H.
Things Centennial

“I have a whole lot of people that come and see me with back again or shoulder accidents.”

Shannon L.
Aspects Needham

“I am not guaranteed ‘injuries’ is the most effective phrase. Perhaps ‘pathologies’ is superior. I see a large amount of people with neck and shoulder pressure as effectively as decreased back again tension.  A lot of difficulties appear from repetitive every day motions that have been recurring more than time.  For occasion, an individual who sits sideways at a computer system assume about which muscle tissue are currently being shortened/lengthened. If a person does this every single day for their career, a pathology arises.”

Colleen O.
Things Louisville East

“Headache discomfort is a person of the biggest issues our customers carry with them to our studio. Not shockingly, we find that head aches are a most important driver of those past-moment “make sure you tell me you have a therapist out there” calls that we get.   No matter if pressure-induced or from sleeping erroneous the night ahead of, nothing at all knocks an individual off of their activity quicker than a headache. At times, just going for walks into our dimly lit, warm, cozy rooms is sufficient to start off the therapeutic system.  The therapist’s skill is just icing on the cake.”

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