What Is Your Favorite Summer Sport or Activity?

Alli W.
Things Costa Mesa

“A pair years ago I found out the sport of stand up paddleboarding.  It is really wonderful loved ones summer time exciting for ocean lovers!”

Jennifer M.
Factors Rockville Centre

“Swimming and enjoying pool.”

Diane P.
Elements Rockville Centre

“Hanging out at the beach club.”

Karen C.
Things Medford

“Beach front, lake, fishing, cruises, dance, outside sports, tenting — typically almost everything!”

Jen Y.
Features Medford

“Paying out my days at the beach and my evenings at a bonfire.”

Marisa C.
Features Medford

“Heading to the ocean — any ocean!”

Tracey D.
Features West Plano

“Aquatic sports activities! I am all about water — skiing, boating, swimming, rafting, canoeing, fishing.  Just currently being in, on or in close proximity to drinking water!”

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