What Makes a “Good” Massage “Good”?

Misha T.
Elements Louisville East

“A superior therapeutic massage needs teaching and ability.  A excellent therapeutic massage requires intention and presence.  If you are simply just going through a regimen, your therapeutic massage will sense pretty regime.  It is when we are current in every single moment and stroke — when we set healing intentions into our hands — that our therapeutic massage gets to be excellent.”

Karen C.
Factors Medford

“Obtaining the interaction and aim on what the shopper needs. Make certain the force is Okay and give them tips.”

Helen B.
Elements Medford

“Customizing the client’s therapeutic massage to their needs and wants, and making absolutely sure you satisfy their expectatons.”

Lora S.
Things Louisville East

“To me, a “good” therapeutic massage would commence with the therapist not just listening to their client’s wants, but also comprehending what they have been explained to and speaking their strategy of action with every customer. Outlining why a specific muscle mass established may need to have additional attention than an additional and also often getting compassion for your client.

“Through the massage, gradual, targeted perform is generally effective and finishing each individual stroke makes such a variance. Being “in” the session and not shedding aim as a therapist also would make for a much better massage.

“Conversation is particularly significant, whether its asking about pressure, the temperature on the table, or if the head relaxation is cozy! A “excellent” massage need to go away the customer calm, emotion awesome and all set to get on the rest of their day!”

Carmen R.
Elements Medford

“To give 100% to the man or woman on the table.”

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