What's the Biggest Threat to Your Well-being During the Holidays?

Jeremy A.
Elements Greenville

“The most important menace to just one&#039s very well becoming during the holidays is stress. Health care scientists attribute 75-90 % of all wellness issues to worry.
“Holiday getaway procuring, monetary woes, bigger perform depth, and so on — the entire world is a lot additional demanding throughout the holiday seasons.  Destroy your stress and really feel your greatest.”

Jana S.
Components Glendale
“Over-scheduling myself and not getting time for me to get my holiday break duties attained.”

Rachel G.
Factors Glendale
“Men and women not washing their palms and spreading germs. Sanitizing is significant!”

Mandi P.
Aspects Glendale
“Around-scheduling myself with get-togethers, holiday break duties, work and other various commitments all through the vacations.”

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