When Should I Not Get a Massage?

Kurt K.
Elements Chandler

“You should not get a therapeutic massage not only when you are ill, but also the days instantly subsequent a massage can rustle up any residing indicators.  Another time you should not get a massage is if you have any alcoholic beverages in your technique or you have been having pain medication.”

Gretchen T.
Aspects Louisville East

“A few factors appear to brain: When you are ill, especially when you have a fever, the first 48 hrs right after you have experienced a major fall or accident and when you have been consuming alcohol.”

Jillian B.
Factors Medford

“When dealing with any systemic infection, when enduring a flare-up of an autoimmune ailment these kinds of as rheumatoid arthritis and when encountering numbness or lowered sensation because of to medicine.  Also, when healing from a tender-tissue injuries you ought to keep away from that distinct location.”

Dennis D.
Components Greenville

“There are moments when obtaining a therapeutic massage is not advised: When someone has an active fever, swelling thanks to personal injury, extremely significant blood tension, infectious disorder, skin situations these types of as impetigo, energetic herpes or boils, varicose veins, hernia, skin cancers or all cancers wherever radiation or chemotherapy are included.
“At times challenge places can just be prevented and massage provided to other sections of the entire body.  Or, as with chemotherapy and radiation, changes in therapeutic massage model can be designed.
“If you have any fears, please discuss with your therapist who is educated on these kinds of matters and can suggest you. Some conditions might warrant not having a massage until your physician is at ease with your progress.  But most times your therapist is trained in these types of matters and can supply you exceptional choices or changes to your therapeutic massage needs.”

Matt S.
Factors Westford

“When you can find a contraindication, meaning you have a wellbeing situation that massage will only aggravate or make even worse. Examples are skin rashes more than a very good share of the human body, damaged bones, superior fever, sunburn, or pneumonia — fundamentally any illness exactly where the overall body is compromised. Therapeutic massage increases blood circulation and will most likely make a person sicker or make a pores and skin rash unfold.”

Danielle K.
Elements The Woodlands

“Thankfully there usually are not much too a lot of occasions where by massage would be contraindicated. On the other hand, there are certain occasions the place massage really should be averted. If the shopper is unwell with a fever, on selected medicines, eaten alcohol in just a several several hours of the therapeutic massage, in the course of the very first trimester of pregnancy, has uncontrolled substantial blood tension or uncontrolled pitting edema therapeutic massage should really be avoided completely.

“Also, if a consumer has a flare-up of bursitis, arthritis, dermatitis or tendinitis therapeutic massage should really be avoided inside that place. If a shopper is HIV/AIDS beneficial and has an open up minimize, therapeutic massage requires to be prevented in the bordering area or the therapist can wear gloves although offering the therapeutic massage.”

Wendy H.
Elements Glendale

“When you are intoxicated or hungover acquiring a massage can make you inebriated yet again. Or when you have a rash on your human body finding therapeutic massage can lead to it to spread to other locations.”

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