Who Is Your Hero and Why?

Marisa C.
Components Medford

“My mother: an innovator and advocate, and a resourceful, intelligent, extraordinary, one father or mother who raised me and my sister. My mother is an achiever and a survivor while remaining a humble human remaining. She is in advance of her time!”

Suzanne M.
Factors Chandler/Ahwatukee

“A single of my instructors.  He is enthusiastic, passionate and provides freely of his time and his talent. He inspires people today to be check out and be better at everything they do.”

Melinda S.
Aspects Medford

“My father due to the fact he found resourceful strategies to triumph over a good deal of adversity in his lifestyle and normally observed the humanity in a condition.”

Tracey D.
Things West Plano

“My Grandmother Jessie and Grandmother Treva.  These grandmothers had been the most effective grandmothers at any time. They saved my daily life, taught me to discover the globe, invested time with me, taught me compassion and cherished me unconditionally.”

Eugene R.
Elements Medford

“My hero is Spider-Person. I commenced to rock climb mainly because of him.”

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